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One of the things that I wish Dominican would provide is an online forum where students can post questions and answers either anonymously or not.  There needs to be a way to get honest information about classes and teachers without fear of retribution.

So, here’s a bit of info about some of the courses I’ve taken at Dominican…

I had Intro to Library Science with Dennis Gooler.  He was fantastic – very avuncular and full of knowledge.  He left Dominican though and now has some great library job in sunny San Diego.  Good for him!

 I took YA Lit and Children’s Lit from Janice Del Negro.  The classes are quite a lot of work, but it is so worth it.  Janice knows her stuff and I regularly use what I learned in that class.  You really get to know the other people in the class as well.  I looked forward to going to those classes.

Internet Fundamentals and Design with Michael Stephens was totally different than any other course I’ve had at Dominican.  He changed the way I look at libraries and the direction libraries need to go in order to remain relevant.  The best part of the class was listening to him talk – he knows SO much and he is fascinating to learn from.  I loved everything about the class except the group project.  Same issues that always exist in a group project…one person winds up having to do the majority of the work.  Also, I would have gotten more out of it if Michael had presented the information that the groups presented because well…he’s a professional and travels around the world talking about this stuff.  I did learn a ton and it was incredibly empowering.  Very, very cool class.  Yay!

I’ll add more in another post.

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