Some libraries just need our help

February 5, 2007 at 7:50 pm Leave a comment

When I was at the Peggy Sharp workshop the other day, she was talking about how some books are *great* books, but for whatever reason (cover looks weird, etc) they don’t get checked out.  She said that these books need our help and it’s important to book talk them, put them on display, etc, so that these books are checked out.  Her putting it this way seemed to personify the books…made me feel a bit sorry for them…like I need to be their champion.  Those thoughts sat in my brain and mixed around with thoughts about libraries and out came a revelation to myself that some libraries are like these books. 

Some libraries are so off the radar that the majority of people in the community don’t see their value or have very limited knowledge of what libraries have to offer.  These libraries need our help.  Somehow we need to talk about them, generate buzz, help people recognize the gem in their town.  For the younger people, I believe that involves using technology like IM reference and fun videos on YouTube about what the library has to offer.  Yes, it takes extra effort and yes, it sometimes feels awkward to those of us who technology doesn’t come easily to, but it’s worth it. 

I think libraries are really at a crossroads.  They can continue along the same path in a changing world or they can change along with the world.  Old rotary dial phones are charming, but I’d be lost without my cellphone.  I don’t want to look back at libraries with nostalgia.  I want to help them be something that the community can’t imagine being without.

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